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New Poems - Let me know what you think! :)

Excerpt from: Synthetic Tales of Everyday Life - Poetry Works of Monikkr_M - © 2009. Not to be re-printed or used without written authorization.

Doves and the Saturn Star
Surfacing, the moons, the glory, the missed…
Such as the day in the neverending morning bliss
The climbing and hunting of so many mountains
And the clay that molds the rest of us
As the winds chime our names
And the skies turn grey and listless
Pale light bathes us all the way
When children catch colds
And the rain watches pain, gliding, gracefully down a path
In open retreat of the doves and the Saturn star

Histories gaze and glaze has beckoned me
And made me memorize and left me mesmerized
As through the looking glass I amaze
To walk through the states of wonder and then walk on water
On willow tops of pillows and pillars in winter
Stalking the shallows of all the true blaze
Shadows hug the seams and steamy streams
When others cloud and struggle forth
And the sun brings out the safe namesake to charge furiously against us
In ever endless windows of doves in the arc of Saturn’s Star

The sapphires and the Dawn

Oh her golden glow, like the sapphires down below
The forgotten gaze and shadows cast on the past
But her memory never fades and gives me grace
To continue to grow, all alone with the moon as a pillow
But while she rests the clouds and stars do their best to
Bathe everything in light but it’s for her to make it bright
And so the sapphires she desires will wake with the dawn
So true and tempting is her open palms to belong to a
Great and meaningful song so we’ll walk hand in hand in
The sand and wish that the waves could drift us away till
The day we give way to a new move and slow peaceful dream
And until then she’s awake to brighten the blue dusky sky for
The long frown to come out and play, then she’ll slip into a
Dream and wonder what is this that seems so free….it’s the
Sapphires in her eyes and the dawn of the day she awakes.

The lady, the passion & the pond
Simple stones and rows of cobblestones her painted toes and angelic glow tell a glorious tale that makes her smile and every living thing follow and flow. Her grace and her lovely pace all fall into place then makes ones heart pitter patter and race then let her not waste another breath in haste. The dreams of her and days without rest blissfully on her incredible soul that makes one shout as her beauty knows nor has any boundaries when lilies are frozen in time and when she becomes an angel, angels will become her. Forever diamonds in her eyes and passion in her heart and my heart with hers when we dance the dance that makes the clouds converse into a sea of warmth and a golden universe.

Silverina and the balancing mirrors
Eyes of mirrors with ever fasting storms of rage
Keeps my Silverina turning the page…
Under golden suns with burning tongues
Only three layers deep
Silverina close to my heart I will keep

O the lovely turns and tales we will share
When we all loose focus in time and tear
Silverina the broken one
But is nothing more than a loving winter’s spun
The chosen one under one stone
Above all beyond & past
Rush the dreams of Silverina, the peak of beauty true

Smoke clears and faces hung shaded on clouds
Her heart has given up all hope but she is proud
Warming makeshift lotion cools the burn
Only three layers deep…
Close to my heart Silverina I will keep

From the broken minds and listless thoughts
We all can learn from her a lot
Silverina the shining candle
But will always be more than one can handle
The chosen one leaves no-one alone
Above all beyond & past
Rest in dreams Silverina, only three layers deep,
Close to my heart Silverina I will keep.

The sweetest hand, the whisper and the warm precious stone
Of lilacs and lilies, the potion of both will keep her smile
Her temper and soul glow untold into the snow
Focus your imagination and you will still not come close
She will never fade nor be forgotten
Remember this time, this place and this taste
The brightest of suns shines in her place

Pieces of her can be found around
And dancing in the moonlight is her beautiful sound
Lakes of light pretend to shake the sight
But she will never fade nor be forgotten
Rescue the patient pace and neverending sway
The brightest stars of sky illuminate her gaze

Soft white sand summons the greatest grand
The porcelain mist engulfs her sweetest hand
Only the bold and folded with touch with open demand
She will never fade nor be forgotten
With the whispers of ten thousand voices sing
A true tell tale sign of a beautiful and amazing thing

Once it’s known and found to be so true
A lovely glimpse of an angel and wings in view
With spoken roads to the paths she’s always been told
She will never fade nor be forgotten
The torrent trade and little listening of her tone
Clear into the depths of an untouched, warm, precious stone

Wanderlust and the Wonderful Girl
Dreamed into the wind, designed by feel
A passionate escape with elite diamonds to shape
A great wanderer and wand were there to make
Eyes that were wondrous and bright
Soft spoken plight through the window
And eerie drifts that plunge into my soul
Waking and basking and walking in a row
With a bow and set of things to wined and twine
Happiness and furrow like all other things grow
Unintentionally she didn’t fall down below
Without the broken beams and silver tears
Signal flares and listless despair or cutting hair
Brow beats often fare this type of scare
With the time gone and the shades drawn
The willows wound and found up and across the day
The wonderful girl is all awake, make no mistake
She was dreamed into the wind we were there to make

Intelligence lacks and the skin attacks

Well what do you know? Another year. Pieces to give out to everyone and nothing said in the midst of terror; yet with every passing moment I feel more and more determined to out shine and show my very best. So here's to the suckers and ugly scours, may you all kiss the morning dew and sky with your lies while laying in the rain when your mind is open to far less than crying the pain.


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