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Okay folks, I’m going to step away from the “norm” of my usual posts of poetry or pictures or just ranting away about anything and I’m going to delve a little into my dark side for a wee bit.

Here’s the back-story:

I’m on a dating website and every once in a while I’ll write someone that I think is cool or that I want to get to know or possibly because I think we have something in common; for the soul purpose of expanding my friends, meeting someone new or hopefully a new girlfriend.

Now I don’t really expect anything to happen, but it IS a dating site….so #1, if you are on a dating site, you are there for dating, regardless of what it says on your profile. Now, with that being said, why put “just looking for friends”? Or “not interesting in dating” – that is basically an outright lie to begin with. It’s confusing to everyone. If you want to make friends, go to Facebook, or Myspace…2 websites primary invented for the lone purpose of friendship building. Now I know I said I would make …

New pictures!


Here is a series of 3 photos taken in my house. They are different than the original photos, meaning I used an editor to play around with them to get the look that I was...err well looking for. :)

Some new pictures.

Hello again folks!

This is just a quick post... of some new and improved photos.

Feel free to comment!

New poem...

Okay folks, here is a new one I've been working on... let me know what you think! :)

Synthetic Tales of Everyday Life - Poetry Works of Monikkr_M - © 2011. Not to be re-printed or used without written authorization.

Amber Clouds and the Velvet threading keys

Yawn in the movement, the palace breaks awake
outspoken to the walls above the chest she speaks
the town of many, now down to only one
the one from the abyss, she wishes to keep
these twin sorrows and twins ovals only take place
when the grove is woven in mist
she says karma grows after it snows we all know
the uneven speckles of light she shows
in one aural aspect of every breath there is sweetness
to the touch, to the taste to the every wake
eyes tell such tales just from their sight
sing softly and brilliant shadows delight
outspoken to the halls above the wandering she seeks
the town of many, now down to only one
the one from the clouds she heals to sleep

A dawn is new and near, this palace of life
Threading the keys when I…

I'm BACK! And also Updates....

Okay folks, so I've been away for a while... now I'm back! Quick update... 1. Music Not going well. Working on a side project ALL on my own. I have done this before, but for some reason this time it's just slow moving. I'm not sure if my perfectionist in me is coming out, but I am really too anal on some of what I'm working on. Keep hanging on, I should have something out near the end or middle of summer...HOPEFULLY! :) 2. Poetry Still kicking it on the writing. Haven't done much lately but did a whack of them at the end of last year and this year. These things write themselves, so it's hard to just sit down and write out some. Should have it ready to go here in the next month or so then off to the publishers for the final draft. Hopefully it'll be we received. Read some of my new examples and let me know what you think... 3. Photography This ties in to the above as I was going to get a local artist to draw something out for me, which may still be the c…