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The BaND & stuFF

I am still writing, playing and recording on a semi-frequent basis; when life doesn’t get in the way.

My “hiatus” if you want to call it that has been more or less been due to “living life”. Work is a huge part of it, and while my post work schedule is open, I find that the older I get, the busier I become. As an example I used to teach martial arts from time to time, and now I have quit altogether, however now I’m teaching guitar lessons, which take up more of my time as it’s done much more frequently than martial arts. I do A LOT of cooking at home; to the point where I simply cannot consume all the food I cook. I package it up and make a silent deal with myself to eat it later, which never happens. I simply love food too much! I’m getting better at eating the leftovers; be it packing a lunch for work, a late night snack or even breakfast. Other than that, I work on my book when I can; slowly but surely it will be finished and I will be ever so happy when it has finally been comple…

My Parking Stall

Dear current parking stall owner,

First of all, I would like to reiterate the following: It is MY parking stall. Now I know it is technically yours until the end of the month, which I was forewarned of, however I don't know anyone that gives notice of a move out and takes exactly 30+ days to do so.

More often than not, the tenants have made arrangements to evict themselves long before the actual term of habitation has concluded. So I'm going to assume some of the following based on my observations.

You have no life. I believe this to be a high possibility due to the fact that your vehicle never leaves the stall. Now I know what you're are saying, "You're not watching it every second of the day are you?" Well no, that would be taking this to a much more creepy level, and I am simply too lazy to start a neighbor war. But the fact remains that when I leave in the morning, your vehicle is there, when I arrive home after work, your vehicle is there; even when I w…

Winter Driving Assholes and driving assholes.

So I just thought I’d sit down and write a quick blog about the perils of winter driving and driving in general and how to avoid them, or at least stifle them to the point of not having to worry about dying on a daily basis. I recently started driving again after about 7 years of being off the road. Some of you may know why, but let’s just say I was young and stupid. Being that I moved closer to my place of work (of which I am no longer an employee), I never required the usage of a car and also could not afford one. So I am not new to driving OR driving in winter conditions. I have been told I am a very good driver. Don’t get me wrong, I am not perfect, I have made my fair share of mistakes, however the following I have observed as being quite lacking in the average driver and in some almost completely non-existent. I am by no means a car expert either, but I have driven quite a fair amount of vehicles in my day and other pieces of MHE, so I feel I do have the knowledge to express to …


Well it looks like it’s that time of the year again. Egg nog, turkey, presents….freezing your ass off….e.t.c.

I just wanted to touch on a subject that everyone more than likely already knows about, or has read about. I know I have seen a few posts on the subject myself.

A phrase that has been singled out and retired from the English language. Why? Well apparently it offends foreigners who opt to emigrate to Canada. I suppose “Canada is a Christian/Catholic” country was left out of the travel/emigration brochure.

In Canada we as a dominant majority celebrate Christmas. The birth of Christ. Now, I’m not a hugely religious person, but was raised Christian (Anglican). I embrace others who practice religions other than my own and I don’t try to change or ram my beliefs down anyone’s throats; however by having companies and large corporations dissolve the very words that in my view solidify what Canada is….I am offended.

I have an extremely hard time believing that if I went to a muslin, …