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My experience with Kijiji...

Well I know what most of you are probably thinking, that my experience with Kijiji was terrible, and you'd be right, but it did enlighten me somewhat, so I will gladly share it with you.

First let me just give you an overview of the ads. They're all pretty much more or less the same, albeit from a few that are in the wrong place, i.e. FREE does not mean "Take over my contract" for a cell phone. So there should be some mitigating factors put in place and a keen common sense in order to weed out the phonies. (No pun intended).

Let me also point out that most of the ads are completely terrible. There are no pictures of the items people are selling and if there are, 9 out of 10 times, it's a stock photo from some website which is not a direct representation of the items they're selling.... May I make some suggestions to those of you out there selling on Kijiji?

A) First of all, take the time to take GOOD pictures of what you are selling. The better the picture, the better idea someone will have of what you item looks like, and the faster you'll get rid of it. You have to remember that you're trying to sell it, to make case to move or extra pocket money or whatever. If you make a shitty add and don't put any pictures on it and your grammar is more fucked up that O.J. at a leather glove sale, then you aren't going to sell anything to anyone any time soon. This is basic sales skills, most of which the majority we learned just in or out of highschool working retail.

B) Know what you're buying or selling. Chances are whomever you're selling to or buying from may have questions. Just like if you were buying something at a grocery store, or when you're at a car dealership...think how many questions you would have....and how many times have you ever bought something without asking any questions at all? How would you feel if you went to The Source and asked one of the staff members about one of their products and they couldn't answer a single one? Or you knew more about it than they did? Would that entice you to buy that particular product? From that particular store? I've been in stores where I knew more about something than they did, and I left empty handed. I'd rather buy from someone who knows what the fuck they are selling.

C) If you have a time or a date on your ad of when to contact you, and someone contacts you during that time, answer your fucking phone. If you did everything I have listed above, yet don't answer your messages or calls or e-mails, then the everything you've done is completely useless and so are you. You make the schedules, now adhere to them jackoff. If I have a pocketful of cash money and I want to unload it by buying something from you, I am not going to wait for your message. I don't give a sweet fuck what you're doing, if you want my money, then answer your phone or I will go somewhere else.

D) If someone has already purchased your product, REMOVE YOUR FUCKING AD! Today, I got several rude messages back from people who's ads had not been removed. I sent the following text message: (Direct quote)

Me: "Hello there! I was just wondering if you still had the ipad for sale? Write me back when you have the time. Thank you!"

Dickhead: "Why are you writing me? I sold that weeks ago!"

Me: "Well your ad is still posted, and it says nothing about it already being sold, so obvioulsy you need to take it down so people will stop replying to your ad about something that's already gone!"

Dickhead: "You should mind your own business!"

Me: (and I completed serve this fuck here...) "Listen here pin-dick, you wrote the fuckin ad, I replied. If it's gone then so be it. Now do some work and take down the fucking ad. Also, I'm going to black-list your number on there so no-one will buy any-fucking-thing from you ever again. Maybe you should have thought about being a rude motherfucker to someone who isn't going to kick your fucking teeth in if I see you. Now fuck off."

Dickhead: reply....

This is one of 3 examples I got from idiot people who can't flush a toilet without someone holding their hand. This is easy and simple. Kijiji is supposed to be fun, but these people ruin it with their stupidity.

Moving on with stupidity in mind, I was trying to sell an old Blackberry of mine today. I needed some extra pocket cash so I texted a few of the numbers on ads from people willing to buy this particular model. I got 2 replies. One was trying to fuck me by offering my half of what a shitty phone is worth, and mine was in pristine condition. He also told me he'd meet me after school, which he still has not written me back on, and that was over 5 hours ago...

The 2nd dude seemed like he wanted to play ball, and was willing to pay a little more, so I was interested.

There was one problem; he was clearly redonkulatarded.

He kept asking me the same basic questions over and over again. Well he wrote the ad of what he wanted to buy, so again, shouldn't you have some clue about the products you're looking for? Why are me if it takes a SIM card when ALL phones take a SIM card? Why ask me 3 times what kind of condition it's in? Especially when you have all of this in a text time line from me all within 30 minutes? You clearly have the attention span of a North American Striped Sparrow.

I also informed him on several instances that I did NOT have a charger as I had left it at my last job. He asked me on 3 separate occasions if I had one, again I repeated myself to the point of looking like a fairly well spoken parrot. If there's one thing I hate, it's repeating myself. I have good hearing and I speak clearly, however when I have to repeat something 3 or 4 times then it's more than annoying.

And that's pretty much it. I made 70$ and I'm happy. Will I do this again? More than likely, but I will be better armed next time.

One last word of advie:

If you have something FREE to give away, give a quick search in the FREE location. As there are many people out there who can use whatever you're giving away. It helps with repeat ads from people who figure that the more ads they post of the same shit the faster they will sell it, this is incorrect and stupid. All it does is piss people off and cause them to skip by your shit even faster. Grow the fuck-up and learn how not to be stupid!

Also, if you're giving away free shit, make sure it WORKS! Don't tell me you're giving away a fucked up couch that your dog threw up in and your drunk girlfiend pissed herself in but that it's 'still good'. It's not good, and don't try to give your shitty couch that you banged tons of girls in away either. IT'S FUCKING GARBAGE! No-one wants your ripped open gas-tank from a 53' chev, no-one wants a chair with 2 broken legs, no-one wants your washer and dryer or micro-wave that 'need repairs'. Why don't you go repair it, then sell it or give it to a needy family. Don't be a fuck head. I give away lots of things, FOR FREE, THAT WORK! So far from today and yesterday I have given away the following: (IN EXCELLENT WORKING CONDITION)

- A Nintendo Wii, with one controller, and 3 games
- A Sony 4.1mp camera, with case and 2 memory cards
- A cordless phone, in near brand new condition
- A Blackberry 8330 cellphone
- A Motorola Razr cellphone
- A Microsoft Webcam

I've got LOTS more to give away, some needs repairs first though. If you're looking for anything, shoot me an e-mail. If I don't have it, I'll gladly trade or buy it and send it off to you, depending on the need. I'm talking needy families or people who know someone who is needy.

What I have on the block so far is:

2 Xbox 360's - 1 with the RROD and one with a blown out video card. I will only give these away IF you know how to fix it. No controllers with either, and I do have an extra hard drive, but I'd like to keep it. These are good for someone who wants to repair them or just wants a back up for their current system.

I have an 8gb ipod, which I currently use, but I feel that within the next month or so I will be getting rid of it.

I'm looking for a ipad gently used, so if you have one make me an offer. Same with the above.

SO, that's it for this post, sorry it was too long, and I will get back to the beer reviews soon enough!




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  2. Guess you didn't read the article shithead. Way to waste someone's time.


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