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Why Men don't like shopping with Women...

So as most or all of you have encountered at some point, men HATE shopping with women. Now, I'm going to explain a few reasons why:

1) You take too damn long.

Women are the most indecisive gender on the planet. I don't really a give a flying ferret what scarf goes with what pants or what shoe doesn't go with that a certain extent. I mean, we all have to look somewhat presentable, but some colors do really clash. I'm pretty sure what doesn't go with what is common sense, isn't it? The fact that you take too long deciding what to buy is summed up thusly by this one sentence:

You are too picky.

I can take half as long in a store, get what I want/need, still look awesome AND get it on sale all without trying anything on in less time than it takes for you to stop complaining that you can't find anything.

Why? Because I am less picky than you are. The problem is that you have no idea what you want before hand. If you did, then you'd know where to ge…