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Stupidity and Beyond!


I’m sure you have all had a situation where you have felt like a god compared to other’s intellect, but I feel that recently I have pushed those boundaries even further still.

Here are just a few examples of those incidents and some stories to follow.

Repeating myself.

If there’s any one thing that would be a standalone piss off, it’s having to repeat myself.

Now let me distinguish between repeating myself due to noise and being unable to actually hear what I’m saying and being right fucking retarded.

If there are loud noises, or we’re at a concert, or I’m plain just not speaking in a volume which you can audibly understand then that’s one thing. That is not so much stupidity but a slight annoyance. This can be corrected with repeating your last sentence with one that is much higher in volume to compensate for the distracting background noise, or removing yourself from the area and repeating your last statement in the same volume.

Now being utterly batshit stupid is caused by complete ignorance. When I say something like “Don’t do that, do this...” and the individual doesn’t do what I asked at all and does the thing that I say not to do, on a continuous basis, then they are fucking stupid.

I believe that this is in part based on one’s own memory and being able to recall it when required. This, my good friends is called L-E-A-R-N-I-N-G!

When you are taught something, such as “Don’t touch the stove, it’s goddamned hot!” and you touch the stove anyways, chances are you will get burned badly enough to leave a scar. Now if someone tells you again... “Don’t fucking touch that red ring of death on the stove, it’s HOT!” you recall the last time you did so and got fried... so you don’t do it again. On the other hand, if you forgot that first incident and grab tenaciously to that candy like glowing element, then you are a fucking stupid idiot. You will also get burned again, and probably worse than the first time.

Here is an example of what I’m talking about:

Almost daily this happens. I’m discussing a topic with a few co-workers....for the purpose of this conversation let’s say it’s regarding the going’s on in the Ukraine right now. We get a little heated and all seems to get going well when I say something to the effect of: “So, do you agree with what he’s doing?” an d I get blank stares just before someone says “With what who is doing?” – Holy shit, in the span of maybe 10 seconds did everyone just have an aneurysm? Putin you stupid mother fuckers! It’s like time slowed down to almost nothing and everyone had a severe stroke badly enough to forget the last 5 minutes. Gold-fucking-fish have longer memories than you stunned cunts.


I guess I was going to run this along into a few other categories, but being that I have an actual memory and now have to start work I’m going to sign off.

Enjoy your memory folks, unless you forget that you even have one....


_M_M_ 2014


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