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Restaurant review: Beer Revolution

There’s a restaurant by my place that opened up last summer I believe. My fiancĂ© went there last year for lunch with a friend so last weekend we decided to check it out.
By no means am I a food expert or an expert in menu’s and overall look of a restaurant; I will simply point out any illogical processes or things that don’t make sense. What I am an expert in is customer service. I have pretty much had some involvement in customer service for 99% of my work life, either as a consumer or a vendor I know what I like, what’s appropriate and what’s absolutely not acceptable.
When I do these food restaurant reviews I will use 3 different categories which were somewhat foreshadowed above.
Customer Service
Decor/visual appeal
Okie so first off for Beer Revolution...
Visual appeal and Decor.
We walked in and the sign said to seat anywhere, so we picked a booth at the far end.
Walking through the place there was a main bar area to the left and seating to the right and of course ample pa…


So as some of you (hopefully all of you...) know, I published a book last year.
If you aren’t aware of it, go buy it. It’s poetry and it’s awesome. “Synthetic Tales of Everyday Life”. Available where all fine books are sold....but it’s an ebook, so look online.
Now that I’m done with the plug, here’s the rant.
So after many moons of looking for a suitable publisher, I decided Authorhouse would be a decent fit. I was wrong.
It all began when I submitted my script. It took more than a week for someone to get back to me. After that it was almost as if they had forgotten me. No updates as to what stage it was on and no viable feedback unless I contacted them to ask. The reps were nice enough, but after being passed on to 3 or 4 of them like some type of Thai hooker I started to get a little pissy.
With the first part finished (which they did a pretty bang-up job on I must say) the book was published. By the way, no-one even bothered to tell me that it was up for sale on most major websites... …