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Cell Phone Trade in Programs are BULLSHIT!

Okay so as most or all of you should know by now, cell phone carriers have started to adopt a “cell phone trade in program” towards your new device.What they neglected to tell you was that without the courtesy of and lubrication they also would like to bend you over.

I have found that in 99% of cases they will offer little to nothing for devices that are worth well over what they are offering.
Now first of all, I get it.... trust me I do. The phones might be scratched or not operational or water damaged or I took a dump on it or whatever... but still they offer estimates of what your potential payout might be.... without ever seeing the device in full they cannot properly provide an estimate, yet they do.
Now, do you really think they will offer you MORE when you get there? I highly fucking doubt it. I would venture a guess that they will do as much as they can to offer you as little as possible. Basically raping you of the entire potential value and offering peanuts to replace it.
I sugg…