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Now every once in a while something just goes right for me… and by every once in a while I mean once maybe every 5 years.
Like I’ll win something at the casino or in a draw somewhere… but it doesn’t happen all the time, partly because I don’t gamble much or enter into draws.
So probably about 3 years now almost since I ordered a NESBuckle from this website. Basically it’s a real Nintendo controller than some genius decided to turn into a belt buckle.
Now pretty much anything Nintendo is awesome. Most of the systems and games and stuff were fairly popular back in my day and now they’re coming back….sort of.
When I saw it, I had to have it. I had already purchased a metal version a while back so this one was just over the top badass.
I placed my order and eagerly waited for my package to arrive. I had ordered it close to when I was moving in with my girlfriend at the time, so I was worried that I would move out, someone else would get the package and steal my goods.
I moved out. Package neve…