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So every once in a while some jag off decides to park in my stall.
The last time it was the guy who usually parks beside me, but inadvertently he can’t count and parked in my stall.
See his stall is the 2nd one from the left, not 3rd. The far left spot is right beside a massive light pole. This massive light pole must become invisible whenever he decides he needs to park.
I would have used the pole as a guide for my parking stall. Then I would never have to worry about it.
Here’s a rudimentary diagram showing what I’m talking about:

Now what happened that day was that idiot #2 parked in my stall. Now I could have easily just parked into his stall, but why should I? I want to park in my stall.
So I went up to his apartment and his girlfriend was being a bitch. She was all like “Well he worked a double shift and just made a mistake.” Fair enough, but wouldn’t you come and tell me? I’m literally across the hall and maybe 40 steps away. And if you want to be a cunt then I can just have the ca…

House Fires....

Let’s see now, way back when I was about 11 I believe, I was the unfortunate victim of a house fire. Including my 4 other siblings and my parents. We lost everything. I had 1 pair of pants and 1 pair of shoes left…a few shirts. No toys…nothing. All my possessions were gone.
Luckily for us we were living near relatives who took us in. We were fed, washed and clothed for several months. It was cramped but better that then out on the street.
Recently a friend’s sister and her two amazing daughters were caught in just such a tragedy. This hit home for me. Sadly they lost their pet cat in the fire, but they escaped with their lives.
Now is the hard part…
They cannot replace the memories or the family pet, but they will need help with replacing needed items such as clothes, beds and tooth brushes…e.t.c. Daily items to help them continue on.
Worse yet, both girls have birthdays this month.
So, I challenge all who read this to donate. Donate as much as you can afford. If you have specific …

Heritage Days 2015

Okay, here is my review of Heritage Days, 2015. This was the 40th anniversary, starting way back in 1975. That was 2 years before I was born. So now you know my age at least. J Heritage Days are in Edmonton, AB Canada every August long weekend, or the Heritage Weekend. Basically it’s a celebration of all the different cultures, heritages and religions that make up Canada. It typically runs for 3 days (although I think in the earlier incarnations it was only 2 – unverified) Usually a Saturday, Sunday and Heritage Monday. Each entry or country usually has a tent for food, one for crafts, art & souvenirs and they may have a stage or a shared stage for dances, performances or other relating to those countries traditions. I think besides the fact that more people are coming and more people are donating to the Edmonton Food Bank there is only 1 thing I don’t like about this Heritage Day. Some countries refuse or just simply don’t participate from year to year whereas other countries …