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Distracted Driving and Highway Law

Well hello again world!
This time I’m basically going to re-hash some shit I already wrote about, in a couple different parts.
I want to review the distracted driving law, Public Transport and “the fast lane”. It seems that a majority of the individuals who choose to debate those 3 subjects are either mentally challenged, ignorant or possibly a combination of the 2. I would highly suggest that if you are not educated about the subjects you wish to discuss, READ! Arm yourself with some information before you make yourself look like an asshole.
If there’s one thing I hate about debates, arguments or discussions is that people will throw out statements that have nothing to do with the topic because they did little or no research before-hand to back up their points. Chek yo phacts bra! Since you’re all too lazy, I did the background work for you:
Just so we’ll all on the same page, here’s a direct quote from:
Alberta Regulation 304/2002 – Traffic Safety Act / Use of Highway and Rules of the R…