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For the past almost year and a bit I have been looking for a job.

The specific details are basically I left an ok paying job for a higher up job but it was only a contract position. I took the risk even though it was only for 6 months. 6 months was extended to a year and after the year I was basically out of a job.

Being that Alberta got fucked over with the price of oil dropping by 100% and with the massive fire in Fort McMurray there were a TON of people displaced from their homes and places of work.

So with the fact that there were layoff's a plenty and more people in Edmonton from Fort McMurray it has been a challenge to get a new job.

For the most part I'm on several job sites and have applied for well over 300 jobs since last July just before I was extended another 6 months.

Now what really pisses me off is that there are companies out there that LOVE to waste your time and fuck with you. I'm really not sure what their intentions are, because I really don't think…

Suicide Bike Lane Barriers

So they decided to set-up a suicide prevention barrier on the High Level bridge.

Now, I will try to come at this from the point of view of a general individual and not sway one way completely or the other.

Obviously if my child or relative, friend or other committed suicide by jumping off the bridge I would be in 100% favour of any prevention methods one could create so as to reduce the number of suicides.

But this solution cost $3 Million dollars. People who have unfortunately had their sons or daughters exit life from this bridge should have thought of this solution first:

Train special police to walk or bike this area in suicide prevention. That's less than 3 million right there. Plus they even set-up call boxes.

Is everyone brain dead?

There are 14 bridges in Edmonton. Plus a number of other platforms that aren't bridges such as overpasses or hills or even houses backing on to the North Saskatchewan River. Let's assume that if I was going to commit suicide by jumping o…

Getting fucked over.... on purpose.

Okay, so by the title this sounds like more of a cryptic post but I assure you, it's more like the others than you first might think.

So hopefully some of you might know that it's really starting to seem like people just don't give a shit anymore. Businesses and governments, friends, co-workers, flight attendants, grocers, cashiers and so on.

Now you might be saying, "but I CARE!" do you? DO YOU REALLY? Seriously ask yourself that question. And maybe there are things you honestly do care about, and then there are things you want to care more about but don't.... and then there are things that you don't give two shits about...

I'm referring to my last post somewhat where I  told you about my conversations (or lack thereof) with Larlyn Property Management. I may not have mentioned them specifically but now you know. I wrote a letter to their information e-mail and have yet to receive a reply. I'm not surprised. Because they don't care. If a you are …

Seriously though...

Well hello again!

Long time no post hey? Ha ha ha fucker's. You knew I would be back. :)

It's been a long beginning to the new year. Lots of things are changing. Some for the better and others, well not so much. Staying afloat is the key for the foreseeable future, although I hope it's sooner than that.

So what to talk about today..... Well the main topic is parking. Recently they decided to re-build our entire roof of my apartment unit. Like the whole building, not just mine. Our brilliant property management group decided it would be fuckin funny to give everyone 2 days notice that the parking lot would be unavailable for 6-8 weeks. Well no, not so funny. We have 2 vehicles and only 1 stall.

Since it's technically my wife's house as she bought it prior to our marriage it's her's, so it's only fair that her vehicle is parked in our assigned stall and I take parking on the street. There are many issues with the 2 days notice. 1) it's 2 fuckin days. …