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Bullshit! By: Über

So I have obviously been away for a while.

Quick recap. We left our house as it needed some renovations done. We are now back. (I may go into this more at a later date, I just don't want to get off topic for this post....)

Certain things have happened where I needed to suplement my income with a few other side projects so I decided to apply for a position with Uber.

Now I had been working a full time job and submitted all my information while on my break. I read through all the requirements on the app and carefully moved through each step. A bunch of other stuff happened in about a 3 month period so I ended up not going to the green light hub. I even deleted the app and never really thought about it. Then I decided to finish up all the remaining requirements.

I dropped down to the local green light hub and spoke to a girl there. Now this girl gave off a "I don't give a shit about my job" type of attitude. Her first question was "do you have a drivers abstract?" Now I instantly became pissed. Nowhere on any form, letter, e-mail, text, app or anywhere else did it say to have this form. So I asked her like where in the fuck does it say that? I would have went and got one if that is what was needed as I am a pretty prepared individual and I look into shit before proceeding to make sure I have what I need to get the task completed...

She said well it says on this form right here..... really bitch? The form you JUST handed me? Fuck off.

So I skip out the door to waste more time. I head down to a local registry and now pay $27.50 for my 3 year abstract. Off I go to head back to über. I show the cunt all my paperwork and off I go to now wait to talk to someone. 

Finally I get called up, but just prior to that I have to fill out a police information check. No problem. However at the top it says it's $48.00. I'm like what the fuck? I assume shit costs money however why not be upfront with associated costs? I wasn't told about the fee for the police check or the requirement of the drivers abstract.... anyways, I fill it out and the lady calls me up.

She looks over the form and says "ohh, is this right?" Pointing to the criminal record area, where I have selected yes as I had a DUI in 2004.... I said "yes!" She says "okay well unfortunately our policies are very strict and you would not be able to proceed any further at this point with a criminal record..." 

I lose my shit....

Here is basically what I said:

"So let me get this straight; instead of being forthcoming and notifying me of the requirement of a drivers abstract which is $27.50 cost to me, and being upfront with the fee for the police information check, $48.00 and allowing me to waste 30 minutes of my day, alongside the continued completion of the form after that particular question wasn't answered to your liking ...... and now you tell me I can't move forward because of something that happened 14 years ago which I have already legally been punished for, You're not going to allow me to move forward? What kind of asshole are you? I get policies and other bullshir, but had you notified me earlier or ALL of this information had been listed SOMEWHERE.... ANYWHERE, I would not have lost money and time. Yet you chose to waste mine."

I fling the police check at her and walked out after giving her and everyone else in the building the finger. Completely unprofessional attitude on my part but completely justified.

I am finding out now a lot of times that people don't do their jobs let alone properly.

We just had some renovations done here in our home and half the shit was either not done, done wrong or broken. We had to make over 14 calls and e-mails just to have them come back to fix it. Someone even sprayed ceiling popcorn over our uncovered bathroom fan. Like are you fucking braindead? 

Plus we just had our roof repaired and part of that repair included a new bathroom fan. So it was a BRAND NEW FAN. They wrecked it. Like I even asked the guy and he had zero explanation. How about you go back and find the fuck out you lazy asshole... do I have to even ask you that? Like where is your customer service?

Anyways, I digress.... don't waste my time. I am more upset about that bullshit than I am about their policies. Like fuck your policy and shove it straight up your ass. Maybe make your precious policies visible and transparent so you don't fucking lie or provide false information to people.

This was just to deliver fucking food man. Not people. I would have to go for my class 4 license. Which involves a full medical exam...$70, a written knowledge test $50 and another drivers test 100$.... I never saw any of that information anywhere either. I actually knew about this because I looked it up.... but still... I might as well become a cab driver then. That way they don't give a shit about my criminal record. So fuck off.

I also applied to the food delivery service directly that they were partnered with and it took me all of 5 minutes to do so with no bs. Like eat a dick über, eat a big back of dicks.

_M_M_ 2017


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