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A Wedding Story...

Well, it's about time I posted this story, not because I have to, but I think re-thinking through it will help me to understand it better.

More therapeutic than anything I suppose. Maybe I'll learn a little about myself or someone else along the way. I love to learn and I love to try to change myself into the person I know I am.

There are certainly moments in my life that I am not proud of; mistakes or things I have said or done. But if I just simply ignore those moments when I felt something, then I'm not who I say I am.

I want to be the person that reflects, understands and puts forth the good foot in order to ensure I don't repeat my falls from grace.

So on with the story...

in 2015 I got married.

It was a pretty stressful time. For everyone. Figuring out the venue, dress (not for me), invitations, food...e.t.c And then trying to figure out how to finance all of it.... if you've been there, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Everything was going smooth…
Exciting announcement!!

I will be appearing at this years RAWartists Envision Show.

Thursday March 22nd, 2018 - 7pm-12am @ Union Hall in Edmonton, AB Canada (18+ ONLY)

I will have prints for sale as well at T-shirts and some other nifty things!

Purchase your tickets for the show here:

Hurry and grab your tickets now before they're sold out! 😄

Share this with your friends & Family!! Come down and see all the other artists as well. It's going to be a SUPER FUN NIGHT!

_M_M_ 2018

I love Bacon! = More YouTube Horseshit.

Now you may be wondering about the title.

Well it all stems from the stupidity of Youtubers. Yes, youtubers are to blame.

Lets take a trip back in time when videos on Youtube were basic generic shit. "Title of my Video" followed by some overly energetic person discussing said Topic. Pretty harmless and mostly entertaining as it got to the point of the video, more or less immediately.

For some asshole reason that I cannot quite understand, there has been a major deviation in the composition of videos from Youtubers. It seems like they outright lie to your face.

As an example let's say I title my video "Birds - the lovely Sparrow" - My whole video should in fact be about Sparrows, maybe some other birds but mostly sparrows. Talking about them, filming them...e.t.c. With the new style it's like hey, I'm gonna talk about birds, but first here's 10 minutes of me doing other random shit that has zero to do with birds. Then at the very last 3 seconds of t…


Over the course of my now 40 years of existence on this planet I have come to grips with the truth.

The truth being that WE as a learned species were specifically designed to LEARN.

You might not remember it, but way back when we never wore pants and showering hadn't even been conceived yet, we learned to create tools to hunt and forge for food. Why? To help us to not die. Helping us not die allowed us to learn more things. And those things we passed on to our litter of little baby humans.

So on and so on down the line. Ever learning and ever evolving into a better us. That litter of humans now doesn't have to hunt with sharp sticks and bang rocks together to create fire for heat. Someone ahead of them decided that was bullshit and they got lazy. The old age adage of "necessity is the mother of invention" is 100% satirical. The individual who visualized this phrase had not only been kicked while in the womb but also was NOT a philosopher.

In reality this individual…