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The funniest Story never told

So here's a quick throw back story from my high school days...

That was actually some time ago, like almost 20 years ago now...

Anyways, so we had this location we would all drink at. We didn't go there often, but we had a name for this particular area. Instead of giving an actual address for places, my best friend would often give wild names for places. So we would all usually refer to it as that and if someone used the correct name or provided the address they looked like the weirdo because everyone else would be like "where?" ha ha ha

So one night we all decided to meet out there. My best friend had a 78' Plymouth Duster that I think his mom bought but he drove around. So like 4 of us piled in there and a couple other friends in different vehicles met us out at this "spot".

Now the spot was basically a farmer's field. We moved past the gates & drove through waste high crops to get to the main area. It was an oil pump in the middle of the fiel…

Just do your job..... Tales from Frustration City

Well good morning everyone,

I'm SO frustrated.

I don't think I have been quite this frustrated in a long time. I have been mad, sure....pissed off, more times than I can count, but this level of frustration is more than I can bear.

I work for a company that supplies itself on a number of materials & requests. My department basically supports the other spokes in the wheel. We keep everything running smoothly, for the most part.

Now we are not saviors of the entire running operation of the company, we don't go way out of bounds to ensure others are doing their job properly.... that's called micro managing. When your consistently overlooking every other individuals responsibilities, you don't have time to do your own job.

My staff have pretty much been brainwashed by the previous Team to more or less wipe clean the anuses of everyone else. Which to a point, I don't agree with. Here's why:

Someone forgets to order something, do we call and ask them? Coverin…