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You may believe in him or her, or have some other person / deity that you believe in. Prophets, Angels, Demons or a worldly omnipotent intelligence that you rely on for guidance in some form or fashion.

GOD moving forward through this post will be a representation of this "individual".

In all aspects of our journey through life we apply blame to some of our wrong-doings or other negative experiences on GOD. It's GOD's fault my son died, it's GOD's fault I got a C- on my math test, it's GOD's fault I raped & killed people.

NO. It's not GOD's fault, it's YOUR fault.

GOD gave us the freedom of choice, free will to do as we choose in this life & whatever comes after it. You make your own choices in life and there are consequences for those choices. Those consequences may be bad or good.... and that's the beauty of life. You never know what's happening next.

We share similarities with Horror movies in that we all know not t…