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What do your Poems mean?

Here is my answer to that question:

“Picture a world of fantasy that combines horror, intelligence, purity & imagination. A place where anything and everything happens. Each poem is a story of someone or thing, be it living or non; it’s a story from their point of view… the magical, the fantastic, the whimsical in a marriage of hope and despair that can shock, inform or just beguile. The stories have meanings all their own. They ask me to write them, so asking me would be like asking Burger King why McDonald's named their burger “the Big Mac”. You derive your own meaning, as it is just as special as the true intended meaning, if there ever was one”
Excerpt from: Synthetic Tales of Everyday Life - Poetry Works of Monikkr_M - © 2009. Not to be re-printed or used without written authorization.

O.k. folks, here is the first of many poetry samples from the new upcoming book, above titled.

Let me know what you think...

Built for the Fear
Charms by storms and stars
the metal skin is fare, the taken middle heart
it's empty mass black from torches; warm, but not cold inside
all it wants is to die, not cry,
They tied it and tamed it but it was still alone,
eyeless and re-born and all it did was moan,
softly as trees embraced it, held it within, and where to

That comes across weak, but it was a giant
among friends that were always late. The grumble
the groan and being left all alone in the night to
strike matches for light. They were afraid, they were
all scared and no-one dared,
to leave late but come one day it escaped and it was that mistake
that it made and it was naked and shaped all along.
Then it was shot, bound and chained …
Skull. (Attempted copy of Llwellyn drawing.) By: Monikkr_M

The Wanderer has arrived, and now he needs coffee!

Well here's my first post, obviously on my new blog! So come along for the ride if you wish, I'm sure we'll all learn a thing or 2 together and possibly have some fun along the way! Feel free to comment! Over the next few months or so, I'll be posting up some sample photographs I've taken and samples/excerpts of some poetry I've written over the years. Eventually there will be some music from my new - yet un-named side project where I will be doing everything... yeah... writing, producing, recording, playing...e.t.c. I may throw up some artwork here and there to make this place alot more flashy! (But don't hold your breath... I am lazy bastard!) ha ha just kidding, I'm just busy....

SO, with that being said, welcome! Enjoy & HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! (On November 30th) :)