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So I'm going to write about something that hits a little close to home. Not in the sense that it has happened to me or to people I know, but the fact that I see it and hear it on a daily basis; this hurts the heart.

To assume, or to think that someone is better or worse than someone based on religious beliefs, looks, skin color, sexual orientation or for whatever reason is simply ridiculous.

A friend of mine consistently makes rude comments to people of any other race but his. He doesn't think his race is the best, but he constantly demeans others making it seem like that is his true nature. To put others down in a racial manner is disgusting. They didn't choose their race, religion, culture, sex... so you must love all as your equal. Lift up your fellow man or woman to a higher state, one they were not at when you met the. Enjoy people, different cities, languages, food, weather....moods, desires, fantasies and dreams.

Why would you want to shred someone's personality…

Grinding my gears.... the top 10 things that piss me off.

Ahoy sailors! Miss me yet? Well even if you didn't here is some further reading for y'all.

So I was thinking the other day of some random stuff and then I got to thinking about the things that really tick me off. Now I know everyone has their moments where they just snap, but these things really get under my skin.

Some of these you may even relate with....

Now granted I have alot, more than most people, but I'm not a bitter guy. I usually say nothing, then bitch about it I'm doing here. :) Now I said USUALLY...sometimes I freak out just because the person is being an absolute dickhead. I'll more than likely tell them to shitcan their attitude before I bash their face in.

10. Fat People.

Now I know what you're going to say here, but hear me out before you judge. So, basically fat people try to wear regular people clothes...which never fit...because they are fat. 2nd, we invented rascals for fat people so they can get around like everyone…

The Job Hunt

So as some or many of you already know, I quit my last job. How can I put this politely: IT WAS FUCKING BULLSHIT!

Good company, good intentions, extremely bad corporate and general direction within the chain of command, horrible training and absolutely no communication.....neither good nor bad....just none completely. And those are some of the few basic things you need to run a company well.

After a painful 4 months I decided to opt out of further employment with that particular company. So that put me back in the running for a new job. As I had bills to pay and rent due, I needed to act quickly. In hindsight, yes I am fully aware of the practice of finding new employment BEFORE quitting, however I just couldn't stand around with my thumb up my ass, I had to get out of there.... The thought of returning for just one more day was literally making me gag.

Now that the hostility is out of the way this now brings me to the title of this blog: The Job Hunt.

I have had a fair amount o…

Why Men don't like shopping with Women...

So as most or all of you have encountered at some point, men HATE shopping with women. Now, I'm going to explain a few reasons why:

1) You take too damn long.

Women are the most indecisive gender on the planet. I don't really a give a flying ferret what scarf goes with what pants or what shoe doesn't go with that a certain extent. I mean, we all have to look somewhat presentable, but some colors do really clash. I'm pretty sure what doesn't go with what is common sense, isn't it? The fact that you take too long deciding what to buy is summed up thusly by this one sentence:

You are too picky.

I can take half as long in a store, get what I want/need, still look awesome AND get it on sale all without trying anything on in less time than it takes for you to stop complaining that you can't find anything.

Why? Because I am less picky than you are. The problem is that you have no idea what you want before hand. If you did, then you'd know where to ge…

How to stop being a turbo-cunt in 10 easy steps: A Journey of self exploration

Hey folks! I'm back again and this time with a much more personal rant.

This's work related.

Now I'm not going to mention where I currently work, or where I used to work, for the obvious reasons, but the few of you out there in internet land who know me well, know exactly where I work/used to work. I suggest you take initiative on your own to avoid these companies as I myself would not purchase anything from a place of work that had the following "going's on" behind closed doors. Most companies are filled with complete B.S., and I have refused to go to places where I have been either A) Treated poorly or B) I know someone who has.

Now normally I would hold back writing about something so personal, and something so "taboo" due to fear of firing or some type of set back, but I'm really quite sick and tired of the complete bullshit that I deal with and have dealt with on a daily basis. I feel I must express these emotions before I shit…

My experience with Kijiji...

Well I know what most of you are probably thinking, that my experience with Kijiji was terrible, and you'd be right, but it did enlighten me somewhat, so I will gladly share it with you.

First let me just give you an overview of the ads. They're all pretty much more or less the same, albeit from a few that are in the wrong place, i.e. FREE does not mean "Take over my contract" for a cell phone. So there should be some mitigating factors put in place and a keen common sense in order to weed out the phonies. (No pun intended).

Let me also point out that most of the ads are completely terrible. There are no pictures of the items people are selling and if there are, 9 out of 10 times, it's a stock photo from some website which is not a direct representation of the items they're selling.... May I make some suggestions to those of you out there selling on Kijiji?

A) First of all, take the time to take GOOD pictures of what you are selling. The better the picture, t…

New photo collection

Well it's that time of the year again folks. Time for some new photos. I literally just completed the photo shop editing of these photos, so I hope you enjoy.

I'm using a new editing system, so these are a little more involved that my last "point and click" pictures, which also means more time editing, so they took alot long to get them where I needed them.

Feel free to post any comments below....

Be courteous or I'll kick your cracker teeth in.

Well the title of this post pretty much says it all, but I need a few paragraphs to explain myself otherwise this would be boring.

I write a lot about driving. Driving is a necessity for a lot of people. It takes them to work, to school, shopping or helping a friend move. Regardless of the usage, it is a privilege and NOT a right. Not everyone can afford to drive, and not everyone can pass the test in order to be awarded a license to drive. You would assume that this process would weed out the idiots and keep them off the road, but this assumption would be completely wrong.

Here are a few examples of road idiots and people who just are plain lacking in the understanding of courteousness.

Woman (Not WOMEN) idiot driver...

So on my way home from work one day I got cut off so I missed my Stony Plain Road turn-off, not a big deal because I simple head a little further south and take my next left to head downtown. For some spiteful reason, there was a traffic back-log bigger than Oprah so…


So recently I watched a program with a small girl who was born blind and disabled. They brought in a team of Doctors to help her when she was born because otherwise she would have passed on. So it kind of got me thinking....why?

Why take care of her and bring her back to life so to speak? Not that I don't want these individuals to live, but I often find things happen for a reason. Maybe she was born to die. Those reasons may not be instantly clear, and while still a tragedy, sometimes these events happen to teach us something.

Thousands of years ago she would have passed away at birth. We didn't yet develop technology to assist birthing to a level where sometimes we can save a life. We value life as human beings....but why not death? Are there lessons learned in life that have now been forgotten in death? By saving a life, are we missing the lesson that should have been taught by death?

Because we now own the technology to surpass or even circumvent death, does that mean it s…

You're not an insomniac, You're just an idiot.

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to stay awake. I think it was probably because my parents never let me. So a part of me always wanted to break that see why it was so taboo to be a night owl.

As I grow older I enjoy mostly heading to bed earlier so that I can get an early start on the day, plus I have to, plus I'm getting old and old people go to bed at 7pm. I'm not THAT bad, but I'm starting to see a trend here, however I almost NEVER sleep in anymore. Maybe 30 minutes to half-an-hour at the most, compared to the 2-4 hours when I was a lot younger.

As I've grown throughout the years I've noticed something that's becoming more and more disturbingly annoying: insomnia.

I hear it from friends, co-workers, passerby's in the street... "I can't sleep, must be insomnia..." They continue to bitch and moan and complain and insist they have insomnia...but you don't... You're not an insomniac, you're just an idiot…

A Letter to my Noisy Neighbors.

Dear Neighbor,

My name is Monkkr_M and I live next door to you in a downtown apartment. I have never introduced myself formally, so I apologize for not being a little friendlier when we meet briefly in the hallway or on the elevator.

I just wanted to let you know that ever since I moved in, early March 2008, you are by FAR the loudest neighbor I have ever had. This is in direct comparison with the follow previous tenants:

When I first moved in there was a couple that seemed like the young party people. I was (and still am) more than 5 years older than they were yet we seemed to get along. We’d hang-out here and there, I’d BBQ and we’d drink. I met several other people in the building through them. All of them seemed quite displaced from normal society. Each individual had their own weird quality. From the Ugly as Sin penthouse tenant with a beating heart just under his skin and not his ribcage, who had a girlfriend I can only describe as ‘amazingly bonerific’, to the guy who got drunk…

The Pink Underwear Story...

(Originally posted on Kylie's blog - <--- visit her there!!!)

So because I have to keep this short, (Kylie told me to…) I thought I’d share with you all a pretty funny story that happened to me when I first moved to downtown Edmonton.
Fast Forward.
A few years prior to this event, my friends had all pooled their money together to get me a birthday present. Instead of getting me something nice that I liked, they all decided to spend over $100 at the dollar store and buy me a bunch of crap. Now they did however ask me what I wanted, to which I replied “Just get me a hoodie from American Apparel”. This would turn out to be a bad suggestion. My friends went to American Apparel and purchased my gift.
So back on track, I got the bag of crap with a plastic saw that made sawing noises, a pen the size of a badger, colored staples, a feather boa, numerous children’s toys, some chocolate….and at the very bottom of the bag, which was supposed to be my hoodie…was a pair o…


These are the words that were spoken by a lady who had her car smashed early this past Sunday. Apparently someone in my building got away with a hit-n-run.
It was a crisp Sunday morning, the birds chirping, fresh air…and I in my shorts. I decided to get up early and get some errands done, so I decided to take out the trash and load up my bottle collection to take to the depot. On my 3rd or 4th time down the elevator I noticed a vehicle parked sideways in the corner, hood ajar and stern looks on the faces of the owners. One of the individuals was a lady whom by the expression on her face looked like she was taking the meanest dump in history. Face bright red with fury, fists clenched and pacing wildly back and forth. As I exited my building I could then hear her screaming “SOMEONE SMASHED MY FUCKING CAR!!” This alerted me and began a series of ring like tones in my ear; first from the pitch and whine of it, then due to loudness and obnoxiousness as she repeated it several times.

Now …

....Putting my rant-pants on. By: Kylie (First guest blogger!!!!)

Anyone who knows me “in real life” will know that I’m generally a fairly happy-go-lucky person. I’m pretty levelheaded and know when to speak up but also when to let things slide.

Thanks to the fabulous and crazy thing that is the Internet, I don’t always have to be that person online. I’m not a troll, or a flamer, and I don’t attack people for the sake of seeing reactions. But between my blog and Twitter I’m able to air my petty everyday grievances and get them off my chest and out of my head.

I’m beyond thankful to have several little release valves at my disposal, and now that I’ve upgraded my terrible BlackBerry Curve to a sleek and sexy iPhone 4S, I can tweet to my heart’s content from anywhere (and I think my increased stream activity lately proves that I’m thoroughly enjoying that).

Lately, I’ve slowly been trying to make a name for myself in Edmonton as a freelance writer/blogger/photographer, etc. I’ve been taking small steps, dipping my feet into the pool and seeing how I fi…

The Art of replying, and ignoring.

I cannot stand it when I text, tweet or e-mail someone and they don’t reply for what seems like days. Now, first off I’m going to point out that I am NOT a phone watcher constantly in need of attention, and yes I know that people have lives and can’t be at my beck and call 24/7. Now I’m one of those people who reply’s as quickly as I can, sometimes within minutes, and a little piece of me wishes others would just do the same.
Now let’s break this off into smaller pieces and dissect it. There are basically 2 types of people here. 1) The person who is like me who replies instantly or within an hour…then 2) There are the people who just simply don’t give a shit and reply whenever they feel like it.
Now as I mentioned above, there are people like me who are busy, yet make time to reply to those who write them. The key word here is make time. I make time to respond to people because I care about them. Busy or not, my time is valuable to me, so I share it with those closest to me who dese…

Beer Review: Singha Lager - (5% abv)

Okay, now that we started off on a slightly tilted foot with the last beer, I’m here to now discuss the lovely SINGHA.

The name “Singha” (Correctly pronounced “Sing”) is a mythical lion found in ancient Thai & Hindu mythology. The symbol located on the neck of the bottle “Garuda” is a Thailand symbol of royalty. This symbol was granted in 1939 and it’s the only Thai beer with permission to display this symbol.

This beer I randomly discovered one day at my local liquor store while they had a tasting going on. Needless to say I muttered a few swears under my breath as I walked out with a 6-pack. They always seem to get me that way….

I got home and inspected the bottled; Gold Oriental style dragon on the front, which makes this import nice to look at. The bottle cap came off with a bottle opener, no twist-off’s here. I took a few sips and immediately fell in love with this beer. Not hoppy, bitter or too sweet. No discernable honey or fruit flavors but it reminds me of a cross betwe…

Beer Review: Great Western Brewing Co. Gold Extra (6.3% abv)

Good morning ladies & gents… Here’s a quick review of Gold Extra beer by Great Western Brewing Company. GWBC is an independent brewing company in Saskatchewan. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Saskatchewan beer?” Yes, Saskatchewan beer…

Now I’ve tried the 40oz version of GW Extra Gold, and it’s not bad, but this is a lesser percentage beer at 6.3% abv while the 40oz version is 8% abv.

A brief summary of my beer experience and how many I have tried before we get into the mix here. I used to work at AGLC many years ago and it’s massive! A warehouse that distributes beer and other adult beverages all across Alberta. While there I encountered many different types of beer and as a result I wanted to try them. So after work on many occasion I went to the liquor store and purchased my usual beer of choice along with something different. This went on for several years; combined with drinking at pubs, special events and friends houses I have a list of several hundred under my belt.

So, …