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Be courteous or I'll kick your cracker teeth in.

Well the title of this post pretty much says it all, but I need a few paragraphs to explain myself otherwise this would be boring.

I write a lot about driving. Driving is a necessity for a lot of people. It takes them to work, to school, shopping or helping a friend move. Regardless of the usage, it is a privilege and NOT a right. Not everyone can afford to drive, and not everyone can pass the test in order to be awarded a license to drive. You would assume that this process would weed out the idiots and keep them off the road, but this assumption would be completely wrong.

Here are a few examples of road idiots and people who just are plain lacking in the understanding of courteousness.

Woman (Not WOMEN) idiot driver...

So on my way home from work one day I got cut off so I missed my Stony Plain Road turn-off, not a big deal because I simple head a little further south and take my next left to head downtown. For some spiteful reason, there was a traffic back-log bigger than Oprah so…


So recently I watched a program with a small girl who was born blind and disabled. They brought in a team of Doctors to help her when she was born because otherwise she would have passed on. So it kind of got me thinking....why?

Why take care of her and bring her back to life so to speak? Not that I don't want these individuals to live, but I often find things happen for a reason. Maybe she was born to die. Those reasons may not be instantly clear, and while still a tragedy, sometimes these events happen to teach us something.

Thousands of years ago she would have passed away at birth. We didn't yet develop technology to assist birthing to a level where sometimes we can save a life. We value life as human beings....but why not death? Are there lessons learned in life that have now been forgotten in death? By saving a life, are we missing the lesson that should have been taught by death?

Because we now own the technology to surpass or even circumvent death, does that mean it s…

You're not an insomniac, You're just an idiot.

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to stay awake. I think it was probably because my parents never let me. So a part of me always wanted to break that see why it was so taboo to be a night owl.

As I grow older I enjoy mostly heading to bed earlier so that I can get an early start on the day, plus I have to, plus I'm getting old and old people go to bed at 7pm. I'm not THAT bad, but I'm starting to see a trend here, however I almost NEVER sleep in anymore. Maybe 30 minutes to half-an-hour at the most, compared to the 2-4 hours when I was a lot younger.

As I've grown throughout the years I've noticed something that's becoming more and more disturbingly annoying: insomnia.

I hear it from friends, co-workers, passerby's in the street... "I can't sleep, must be insomnia..." They continue to bitch and moan and complain and insist they have insomnia...but you don't... You're not an insomniac, you're just an idiot…