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The Job Hunt

So as some or many of you already know, I quit my last job. How can I put this politely: IT WAS FUCKING BULLSHIT!

Good company, good intentions, extremely bad corporate and general direction within the chain of command, horrible training and absolutely no communication.....neither good nor bad....just none completely. And those are some of the few basic things you need to run a company well.

After a painful 4 months I decided to opt out of further employment with that particular company. So that put me back in the running for a new job. As I had bills to pay and rent due, I needed to act quickly. In hindsight, yes I am fully aware of the practice of finding new employment BEFORE quitting, however I just couldn't stand around with my thumb up my ass, I had to get out of there.... The thought of returning for just one more day was literally making me gag.

Now that the hostility is out of the way this now brings me to the title of this blog: The Job Hunt.

I have had a fair amount o…