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So I'm going to write about something that hits a little close to home. Not in the sense that it has happened to me or to people I know, but the fact that I see it and hear it on a daily basis; this hurts the heart.

To assume, or to think that someone is better or worse than someone based on religious beliefs, looks, skin color, sexual orientation or for whatever reason is simply ridiculous.

A friend of mine consistently makes rude comments to people of any other race but his. He doesn't think his race is the best, but he constantly demeans others making it seem like that is his true nature. To put others down in a racial manner is disgusting. They didn't choose their race, religion, culture, sex... so you must love all as your equal. Lift up your fellow man or woman to a higher state, one they were not at when you met the. Enjoy people, different cities, languages, food, weather....moods, desires, fantasies and dreams.

Why would you want to shred someone's personality…

Grinding my gears.... the top 10 things that piss me off.

Ahoy sailors! Miss me yet? Well even if you didn't here is some further reading for y'all.

So I was thinking the other day of some random stuff and then I got to thinking about the things that really tick me off. Now I know everyone has their moments where they just snap, but these things really get under my skin.

Some of these you may even relate with....

Now granted I have alot, more than most people, but I'm not a bitter guy. I usually say nothing, then bitch about it I'm doing here. :) Now I said USUALLY...sometimes I freak out just because the person is being an absolute dickhead. I'll more than likely tell them to shitcan their attitude before I bash their face in.

10. Fat People.

Now I know what you're going to say here, but hear me out before you judge. So, basically fat people try to wear regular people clothes...which never fit...because they are fat. 2nd, we invented rascals for fat people so they can get around like everyone…