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The Bear absolutely sucks!

Yes, I’m talking about 100.3 the BEAR, in Edmonton... you suck. A lot.
Now, let me explain.
First of all, I used to love the Bear... I was a Bear fanatic... I was “the Bear”. Now it seems like they are slipping into the ass crack off society by playing up every single meme there is to offer to get ratings. But it’s failing.
The Paul Brown show is not a show at all. There is some chatter and then there is some music. The music is FUCKING GARBAGE!
Seriously... I listen to the bear all day because a fellow in my office likes it. He’s here more than I am so it’s only fair; however, as I am listening to it on a regular basis I have concluded the following:

You only have a minimal musical selection because you play nothing but Nirvana, Metallica, Offspring, Linkin Park, Filter, Nickleback, System of a Down and then fill the rest of the looping rotation with 5-10 of the most popular “rock” songs. You are a rock station are you not? So when was the last time that Nirvana was still fucking popular …

Speling mistaks

So there’s one thing I’m pretty sure I have mentioned in my short blogging career that I just cannot stand; people who spell incorrectly.
Now I know that you might be from another country and maybe just don’t know, but you can pretty much tell those people apart from everyone else and let it slide. But I’m talking about the people that just don’t give a shit. I'm talking to the people that blatantly screw up words and don’t even make an attempt at correcting them.
Just at least TRY to sound like you’re not a retarded 4 year old. PLEASE! Like I get texts from people such as “LOL giv me a brek. Thats stpd.”
WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT MEAN? Are we moving into a world where you have to buy a fucking vowel just to have a conversation with someone?
I don’t want you to abbreviate an entire conversation just because you’re lazy, stupid or are texting too many people at once and don’t have the time to add another letter. Seriously one letter? It’s really not saving all that much time and it’s o…

A letter to the guy who gave me the finger in traffic yesterday.

Dear Jerk off,
I just thought I’d write a quick little note to you expressing my anger at your childish display of ignorance.
Not only was this incident your fault, but you politely decided to give me the finger. Why? Was that your way of saying “Hey, I know it was my fault that I cut you off because I was too impatient, but screw you anyway!” If so, then I congratulate you on being a complete anus.
Your speeding away at a high rate also did less to convince me of your competent driving ability. You also ran a red light and blew through 2 cross-walks which had people crossing. But no, you wouldn’t have noticed that because you were driving way too fast.
You also caused a near fatal collision with the white pick-up in front of you which was also too impatient and swerved into the same lane you were trying to get in to. They also honked. So whether or not the finger was for the driver of that other vehicle, myself or you had an involuntary bout of Tourette’s syndrome; that’s still no excuse…

My “first” vacation.

So I finally decided to take some time off work. I didn’t really have anywhere in particular to go, but I never EVER take time off work. So I thought maybe 3 days post a long weekend would be perfect.
I had the 3 days off prior, came in on Tuesday for work to finish up a few things and to make sure stuff was settled so I didn’t get a mass amount of calls on my work cell. Yes I left the fucker on because I care ok? Besides, I’d rather fix an issue with a quick call to my cell rather than it be fucked up for when I come back, which I then have to fix. It makes sense.
The day turns out to be pretty busy and there was a lot more I could have done but I decided to just relax and leave it for my return to work the following week.
5:00pm – I race hurriedly to the time clock and punch out. I jump in my vehicle and off I go. First actual time off – booked – from work....for the better part of a decade. Yes, 10 years since I have actually booked time off of work.
5:30pm – Text from my friend tells…

I swear WAY too fucking much.

Honestly, I don’t know where the fuck to even begin. I guess I fuckin should stop, but sometimes it’s the funniest fucking thing I know. Shit, like I even stare into space, spinning the fuck around in my chair just thinking to myself “What in the fuck am I doing with my fucking life?”. Then I get sick and puke my fucking brains out. But why stop the fuck there right? Maybe I should just fuck off and leave everyone to their ill gotten gains, but I’m not that fucking nice. Fuck that.
Sometimes people get in my face, and try to be some kind of fucking hero, but I just snap and bust a punk motherfucker in his brain and they usually back the fuck down real quick. The fuck I look like? Some kind of fuck head? Think again shit fuck. I fuckin walk up and down in ya ass befo I plug some caps off into yo fukkin dik! Sukka!
Wow, sorry. I almost flipped the fuck out at an imaginary fucking scenario. Fuck my life. What’s that? I need an outlet for my mother-fucking anger? How about I beat yo mama? …