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If you don’t know what E.T.S. stands for then you probably don’t live in Edmonton.
E.T.S. stands for the Edmonton Transit System. They are basically the ones who run public transport throughout the city.
If you can’t afford to drive, can’t drive or basically just don’t like driving then you’re either already doing and or limited to taking the bus, LRT, cabs, a nice friend or walking.
If you drive then you more than likely feel the same frustration I do about ETS Bus drivers.
They are quite simply the WORST drivers on the face of the earth.
6:44am – January 15th, 2015
Unit – 4128 #7 by the University Area cut me off this morning as well as another driver.
I am going to start bringing a video camera with me and mounting it to my dash board. Then I will e-mail every single fucking video to ETS.
I am cut off almost daily to the point where it has nearly caused an accident every single time.
If you are an ETS driver that is not a fucking complete joke when it comes to driving, then I suggest you …

The Edmonton Oilers

The Edmonton Oilers

First off let me start by saying that I love Edmonton. I have lived in or around this area for the better part of my life and I can’t say I’d be any happier somewhere else. I love the people, the festivals, the views, the location and the history. To me this is home. I know this because when I travel, I get this overwhelming sense of belonging when I return here. Somewhat likening that feeling to migratory birds as they get pulled in one direction or the other depending on the time of year... I get that same pull here.
There isn’t anywhere else I’d rather call home.
I am an Oilers fan. I never used to be, but it just catches you I guess. I’d don’t want every game, know the birthdates and shoe sizes of every player, but I am a fan. I don’t paint copper and blue over my face, cats or car. I don’t plaster Oiler stickers on lamp posts or sport Oiler drinking mugs when I pull up to the drive through at Tim Horton’s. I watch games every so often and I do attend a game or tw…

Do us a favor by doing yourself a favor: Stop being an idiot.

The more and more I drive icy snow-covered roads during winter, the more I liken it to a gauntlet of death.
With Canada being made-up of immigrants from all parts of the world it’s amazing how people coming from countries with absofuckinglutely no snow think that they are now equipped and prepared to drive in such conditions. YOU ARE NOT.
Here is a list of things you need to do while driving: 1. Turn on your headlights
2. Use your signal indicators
3. Allow enough space in front of your car to break safely without hitting the car in front of you
4. Go on a green light
5. Stop at a red light
6. Don’t signal 1 second before your turn, break suddenly and expect everyone to stop

Coincidentally that’s also a list of things that if not properly done could result in your immediate death.
Therefore since most of you retarded drivers can’t fucking properly execute anything on that list you must all want to commit suicide.
In the span of 1 week I’ve had the following happen to me, in no particular order: …