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Stupidity and Beyond!

I’m sure you have all had a situation where you have felt like a god compared to other’s intellect, but I feel that recently I have pushed those boundaries even further still.
Here are just a few examples of those incidents and some stories to follow.
Repeating myself.
If there’s any one thing that would be a standalone piss off, it’s having to repeat myself.
Now let me distinguish between repeating myself due to noise and being unable to actually hear what I’m saying and being right fucking retarded.
If there are loud noises, or we’re at a concert, or I’m plain just not speaking in a volume which you can audibly understand then that’s one thing. That is not so much stupidity but a slight annoyance. This can be corrected with repeating your last sentence with one that is much higher in volume to compensate for the distracting background noise, or removing yourself from the area and repeating your last statement in the same volume.
Now being utterly batshit stupid is caused by complete ignor…