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Gluten Free? Give it to me!

So I was wondering the other day why everything is now gluten free.

I bought some Old Dutch potato chips in the box....where you get 2 bags and yeah...they’re awesome.
But now they’re gluten free. Why?
I want my gluten!
20-30-40 years ago they didn’t have issues with having gluten in their food, so why now?
I think its complete bullshit.
Here’s my theory: Doctors tell you that you are allergic to gluten. So now you have to be on a gluten free or gluten reduced diet. So now you need to find gluten free food. So gluten free food obviously costs more because the process may involve another step that they need to do in order to eliminate the gluten, therefore the additional cost associated with this process gets passed along to the consumer.
So the price of non-gluten bread is more than regular bread with gluten.
Well now guess what? If they can charge more for non-gluten free bread, then you can always hide another few cents in for profit. So now everything is gluten free. Plus people assume tha…