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Absolute B.S.

Okay, so at some point I wrote about my book, publishing it and some of the frustrations that I had while moving through the entire process, post and pre publishing.

Well I had some further questions regarding the availability of submitting it to iTunes, as well as getting it re-submitted to publish in paperback format.

I was told some time ago that in order to print a paperback version I would need to pay $200.00 and re-submit. Most of the work was already done through the ebook format so it was merely a formality at this point.

What follows is again more frustration with the "live chat" offering on the Authorhouse
website. I'm not exactly sure the owners, management or board of directors (whichever ownership group applies) quite fully understand the purpose of their customer service live chat feature.

As you will clearly see, it's brutally frustrating. Unless I am missing something. But I am usually smarter than everyone else, at least so far. So prove me wrong. I …