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Auto Shitty

Okay so I’m not sure how many of you have ever bought a used vehicle, or new vehicle for that matter but here’s my little intro into that world. I hope your experience is better than mine; pay attention to a few of these tips and it should be 100% better.
First let me start off by saying that I will not mention the actual name of the company here. If you’d like to find out, you can message me and I’ll tell you. Reason being is because 1) they are just not worth the mention. Any publicity be in bad or good is still good no matter what. 2) I don’t want/need any legal issues and 3) because I already listed the name and if you’re smart enough you’ll figure it out. J
So this all started off about 5 years ago when I needed a new vehicle. I went to a used dealership near Kingsway called DCM Motors (no, this is the retard dealership I’m talking about…). I met with the peeps there and they seemed to know their shit. So we worked out a deal on an SUV and off I went. Through some deal with my …