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Winter Driving – Do’s and Don’ts (Sometimes not even in the winter!)

Well it’s almost that time of year, in fact that time of year stars now, considering my city of Edmonton is about to get hit with an early winter storm which comes with 15-20cm of snow. (It’s prudent that at this point I note that I just purchased – like a week ago, a sports car with rear wheel drive…..) And no, I am not stupid. I know its Edmonton and I for one bitch about others that buy stupid vehicles in a city that is under snowfall for 60% of the year, but I look at it this way: 1 – I am not an idiot 2 – I am a good driver 3 – The vast majority of others are not #1 & #2
I am a very good driver, in fact my abstract will attest to that. I have had one accident in 20+ years. That was not my fault. I was rear-ended at a stop light. Go figure… I have had 2 parking tickets and 2 speeding tickets in that time. Anyways, I digress… the point is, I know how to drive. I bitch because others don’t. Just this morning an elderly lady hit the button to cross the street, when an ETS – Han…