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Seriously though...

Well hello again!

Long time no post hey? Ha ha ha fucker's. You knew I would be back. :)

It's been a long beginning to the new year. Lots of things are changing. Some for the better and others, well not so much. Staying afloat is the key for the foreseeable future, although I hope it's sooner than that.

So what to talk about today..... Well the main topic is parking. Recently they decided to re-build our entire roof of my apartment unit. Like the whole building, not just mine. Our brilliant property management group decided it would be fuckin funny to give everyone 2 days notice that the parking lot would be unavailable for 6-8 weeks. Well no, not so funny. We have 2 vehicles and only 1 stall.

Since it's technically my wife's house as she bought it prior to our marriage it's her's, so it's only fair that her vehicle is parked in our assigned stall and I take parking on the street. There are many issues with the 2 days notice. 1) it's 2 fuckin days. …