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Getting fucked over.... on purpose.

Okay, so by the title this sounds like more of a cryptic post but I assure you, it's more like the others than you first might think.

So hopefully some of you might know that it's really starting to seem like people just don't give a shit anymore. Businesses and governments, friends, co-workers, flight attendants, grocers, cashiers and so on.

Now you might be saying, "but I CARE!" do you? DO YOU REALLY? Seriously ask yourself that question. And maybe there are things you honestly do care about, and then there are things you want to care more about but don't.... and then there are things that you don't give two shits about...

I'm referring to my last post somewhat where I  told you about my conversations (or lack thereof) with Larlyn Property Management. I may not have mentioned them specifically but now you know. I wrote a letter to their information e-mail and have yet to receive a reply. I'm not surprised. Because they don't care. If a you are …