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Bullshit! By: Über

So I have obviously been away for a while.

Quick recap. We left our house as it needed some renovations done. We are now back. (I may go into this more at a later date, I just don't want to get off topic for this post....)
Certain things have happened where I needed to suplement my income with a few other side projects so I decided to apply for a position with Uber.
Now I had been working a full time job and submitted all my information while on my break. I read through all the requirements on the app and carefully moved through each step. A bunch of other stuff happened in about a 3 month period so I ended up not going to the green light hub. I even deleted the app and never really thought about it. Then I decided to finish up all the remaining requirements.
I dropped down to the local green light hub and spoke to a girl there. Now this girl gave off a "I don't give a shit about my job" type of attitude. Her first question was "do you have a drivers abstract?&q…