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Mind your own fucking business...

So recently, and I mean as of an hour or so ago, some anus decided to screw me.

Now this may or may not be work related, but there was a certain project we had been working on. I was a minimal factor in the planning and/or related processes leading up to the final stages.

We had been forced to alter plans due to unforeseen circumstances and the main individuals involved decided we required no action plan.

As usual the department I may or may not work for is always the last to know, when really in reality if we're not the first to know, things can potentially go bad QUICK.

So as per normal fashion we had relevant information with which to create a seamless plan of action and as usual the main individuals fucked up and didn't bother to plan anything which created a snowball effect and it landed squarely and lastly in our laps, which I had previously mentioned was the worst possible scenario.

What that means is that we have zero time to accomplish our tasks that now had been drop…