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So I did a thing a while back, I'll try not to mention names, but I'm sure savvy readers/followers will be able to figure it out...While I did have a negative experience, I'm going to try to remain objective.For the first part, it was set-up and run very unprofessionally. That is 1st hand information coming from not just myself, but other artists as well.If you were a star or well established artist in my opinion you got more attention. We all got I guess a base sorta overview/promotion thing or whatever you want to call it, but at the show it was completely different.A lot of the stuff that I personally was promised was not at all completed. Not even close.I was sent a promotional poster that I could use to "promote" myself, which I feel was literally a copy & paste 2 second job that I could have done better on. No one came to talk to me during the show, the leader of the pack never bothered to even say hi because she was catering to the well established pe…
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Fucking Annoyed

You know what's really fucking annoying?E-mails. Advertising e-mails.Furthermore, I'll extend my rage to paper advertisements that pile up in my mailbox.
I hate when I am FORCED to make an account somewhere and then for whatever reason I'm now automatically subscribed to some horeshit e-mail distribution list.Now I say forced, because everything wants you to sign in. Why? Can I not just order some shit and be done with it? It's because then you won't have my information from my "account" so you can send me more bullshit.In the beginning I thought maybe I clicked on somewhere or usually at the end they have the setting already clicked off that I agree to have some bullshit sent out to me every day at 5:00pm, but no.... it wasn't something I did.I got wise to the last second before you click create my account or whatever and I started clicking off of that. I started reading into the fine print to see if there was anything in there say "Hey fucker, …

How not to go Camping like an Asshole...

Dear Friends,
As many of you are aware of we're living in a very weird world right now. As such, we seek some private time away from all the bullshit.Due to the fact that most or all of the borders have been closed and we pretty much can't be near anyone else, a lot of us have decided to go camping.The only problem with that is, that we all decided all the same time that it would be a good idea to go camping.So many parks are full within seconds like months in advance. Because of this, we get pretty much all kinds of people where there normally wouldn't be any.We usually go to a well known Alberta Park (Wabamun Lake) just West of me. We've been there 3 times now and try to go once a year.Due to the shortened camping year and the regulations AND the fact that everyone wants to go now (because they can't go anywhere else) we get lots of people that really have no business being outside, let alone camping.For instance, you're 70 years old and have a 94' campin…

Future Predictions

Like Nostradamus I am a genius.
These predictions are all based on logic. Utilizing information based economic & sociological data to obtain a greater idea of where we are heading in the future.
Anyone looking at this in some detail should be able to come to the same conclusion.
As with all predictions, I will more than likely be dead by the time any of these come true, if any come true at all. I will add a timeline to each, just so you get an idea of when these may take place.

Global Economy (5-15 years)
We will no longer use cash. Physical currency will be deemed unsanitary and will slowly disband in favor of digital currency. Digital exchange will allow countries to still use a digital form of their currency, i.e. USD will become USDD. (United States Digital Dollar) and their exchange rate will be the same as their physical currency.
Countries will slowly adopt the new digital format with some staggering behind.
This will eventually lead to a Global digital currency called "…

Your Mom didn't raise you to be an asshole...

Hi Friends!

How are we all doing out there?

Dealing with this bullshit makes me want to stick a finger in my eye.

I'm sure it'll all be over soon. So stay safe!

In the meantime,

When you were born your parents more than likely would have started to build a foundation for you where you learned their ideals and basically how to be a person.

You were very young and impressionable, a typical upbringing, average if you will.

I'm sure you learned how to be polite, how to be rude, how to eat properly, what type of foods to avoid, how to bend & stretch and use your little toddler legs.

Then you grew up a bit. Started attending school, met new kids; some of which would later become life long friends... soulmates if you will. BFF's 4 LYFE!

As you grew older and starting dating and driving and graduating you learned what you like & don't like. How to love. How to deal with sadness... how to cope with work life and social behaviors.

Soon you married and had children. W…


So a little known hobby about me is the fact that I collect knives.

Not sure when this all started, but as a little boy and into my adulthood I always enjoyed knives. I had a few over the years and really never carried one full time.

As I started to get into my 30's and up I purchased a few and they were the more tactical type of fighting knife style. The type of knives that if you carried them a cop might just cuff you for having. They were big and sharp and flicked open and had serrations and were just plain not for every day use in my opinion.

I started to get more into camping, survival, bushcraft, EDC type of style which I feel is 150% more useful than any rainbow colored fuck face style of knife.

Fuck face knives are basically these retarded looking flamboyant butterfly flashy bullshit that would probably make any opponent you were trying to defend yourself against laugh until he shit his pants before stabbing you in the testicle type of knife.

The most unpractical, cheap, w…

Canada Post Problem

Hey folks,

Another quick rant (what else is new? ha ha ha)....

So at work I've been assisting in designing & improving a system we're using. As thanks, some of the staff from the company sent a package to my work address.

The problem is that we're out in the middle of nowhere, so we do not receive mail here. Everything flows through head office.

Unbeknownst to me, Canada Post assign our location a community mailbox. I checked the package tracking one day and saw that it was delivered. However we didn't receive anything here. SO, I ended up calling Canada Post and they told me about the community mailbox.

This is fine except that I do not have a key for the box.

So I checked around with all the work people and no-one has a key because we never use the box...

So I again contacted Canada Post who said they would issue a key and leave it for pick-up for me at the Post Office.

All good right?


I went to pick-up the keys, tried the keys, the keys didn't work.