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Sliding on Garbage Bags in the Rain

So this is another story that happened in the 78' Plymouth Duster...

First let me say that this car was my best friends "daily driver" however he did not own it. His mother did. She let him more or less do what he wanted with it, to a certain extent.

On this night I was the designated driver. I only had my learner's license at the time, but after some coaching & reassurance I was told by several of my friends that this was o.k.

I mean, the worst that would happen is the cops would give me a ticket for driving without a license, but considering I was taking care of like 10 drunk people.... I'm sure they would rather I get them home & off the streets safely then letting one of them drive home...

I forget how this all started but 9 of us ended up being in this car at the same time. It was me, my best friend, my best friends cousin, my best friends g.f., his cousins g.f., my other friend, his friend & 2 more of our good buddies. So we had 3 in the front, …
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You may believe in him or her, or have some other person / deity that you believe in. Prophets, Angels, Demons or a worldly omnipotent intelligence that you rely on for guidance in some form or fashion.

GOD moving forward through this post will be a representation of this "individual".

In all aspects of our journey through life we apply blame to some of our wrong-doings or other negative experiences on GOD. It's GOD's fault my son died, it's GOD's fault I got a C- on my math test, it's GOD's fault I raped & killed people.

NO. It's not GOD's fault, it's YOUR fault.

GOD gave us the freedom of choice, free will to do as we choose in this life & whatever comes after it. You make your own choices in life and there are consequences for those choices. Those consequences may be bad or good.... and that's the beauty of life. You never know what's happening next.

We share similarities with Horror movies in that we all know not t…

The funniest Story never told

So here's a quick throw back story from my high school days...

That was actually some time ago, like almost 20 years ago now...

Anyways, so we had this location we would all drink at. We didn't go there often, but we had a name for this particular area. Instead of giving an actual address for places, my best friend would often give wild names for places. So we would all usually refer to it as that and if someone used the correct name or provided the address they looked like the weirdo because everyone else would be like "where?" ha ha ha

So one night we all decided to meet out there. My best friend had a 78' Plymouth Duster that I think his mom bought but he drove around. So like 4 of us piled in there and a couple other friends in different vehicles met us out at this "spot".

Now the spot was basically a farmer's field. We moved past the gates & drove through waste high crops to get to the main area. It was an oil pump in the middle of the fiel…

Just do your job..... Tales from Frustration City

Well good morning everyone,

I'm SO frustrated.

I don't think I have been quite this frustrated in a long time. I have been mad, sure....pissed off, more times than I can count, but this level of frustration is more than I can bear.

I work for a company that supplies itself on a number of materials & requests. My department basically supports the other spokes in the wheel. We keep everything running smoothly, for the most part.

Now we are not saviors of the entire running operation of the company, we don't go way out of bounds to ensure others are doing their job properly.... that's called micro managing. When your consistently overlooking every other individuals responsibilities, you don't have time to do your own job.

My staff have pretty much been brainwashed by the previous Team to more or less wipe clean the anuses of everyone else. Which to a point, I don't agree with. Here's why:

Someone forgets to order something, do we call and ask them? Coverin…

Mind your own fucking business...

So recently, and I mean as of an hour or so ago, some anus decided to screw me.

Now this may or may not be work related, but there was a certain project we had been working on. I was a minimal factor in the planning and/or related processes leading up to the final stages.

We had been forced to alter plans due to unforeseen circumstances and the main individuals involved decided we required no action plan.

As usual the department I may or may not work for is always the last to know, when really in reality if we're not the first to know, things can potentially go bad QUICK.

So as per normal fashion we had relevant information with which to create a seamless plan of action and as usual the main individuals fucked up and didn't bother to plan anything which created a snowball effect and it landed squarely and lastly in our laps, which I had previously mentioned was the worst possible scenario.

What that means is that we have zero time to accomplish our tasks that now had been drop…

Forced to eat MEAT!

Here's another shit show while I'm on a rage....
Regarding the 2009 Film by James Cameron "Avatar":
Direct from Wikipedia - 'Due to Cameron's personal convictions about climate change, he allowed only plant-based (vegan) food to be served on set'.
Now first of all, I'm sure everyone has their own convictions and out of those there may be those who share in the same beliefs, but who the fuck do you think you are?
They key wording here is "personal". His personal beliefs dictate what I can or cannot eat.I'm sorry but unless it's in my contract for 1.4 million dollars I'm eating a fuckin double big-mac on set.
I like everyone else don't want to kill the world for those that live beyond my years, but I have a serious issue with someone forcing me to eat certain food. And it essentially is forcing.
You cater to people on-set and chances are it's not near anywhere you could fuck off for an hour and then come back. Usually set&#…


Okay, so this is going to be a bit of a bitter rambling....
Recently, and I mean as recent as just last night I was part of a local artists show.
I would going to pull off my belt and provide a verbal beating of sorts about this show, but after sleeping for 5 hours I have come a little more to my senses.... and will critique it instead.
So first off there were some areas that were a little unprofessional.
The head of the show didn't bother to introduce herself. So a little bit of a sour taste in my mouth there. Especially when e-mails sent out literally said "...can't wait to meet you all!". So lies? or....???
Confusing to say the least.
Now I understand that this was a venue for many different types of artists/art however a few of the performances seemed like they were pulled straight from a Junior High Talent Show. I shit you not. I can appreciate various forms but clearly they were extremely *new* at this sorta thing. I mean this was my first show and I have zero …